Somobe The Great Communication

With Las Vegas as their background, you’d think hedonism would be the meter to which Somobe rap but they’ve reversed it entirely. While subtle electro production brings up images of bright lights over the boom bap production, Sin City is the background Somobe want to avoid, and do so with the upbeat and heartfelt The Great Communication. At times, he’s a little too self-righteous but Rapper Jon D is highly intelligent without being pretentious. On "If I Can’t,” he spits, "In an industry, where crack sales determine who’s a genius/bullet wounds appear to me to be an extension of a penis.” Fans of Lupe Fiasco will indulge in their vivid storytelling on "Something’s Gonna Happen,” "Stateline” and the tranquil "Long Days,” featuring Shadow Pilot. Common Sense fans will rejoice over the smoothness of "Where I’m Supposed to Be” and "Building.” A few years back, Somobe gave up their grimy façade that got them opening spots for Ja Rule and with their new enlightened style they’ll be able to gain their own audience with their smart, sharpened skills. (Get 'Em)