Sometimes Why To: All Loose Ends

Hailing from southern Ontario, Sometimes Why is a subliminally avant-garde rock/pop band destined to explode. And their second release, To: All Loose Ends, is a document of the moment before they reach Vesuvius-like status within the mainstream rock scene. Although the energy might be a little high (but on a constant level) and the drummer's vocals are also set on loud and hyper, one can easily feel the relief they provide in a world of otherwise egotistical and personality-driven music. The Sometimes Why differ from the norm, in that they allow their musicianship and knack for interesting - jaggedly awkward and inventive, progressive and de-progressive - arrangements to take precedence, lending more of a witty Brit-inspired ethic, albeit with a "workout" or "exercise" feel rather than an ultra-solidified album. The star of the album is recent addition Dave Fritz (guitar), who injects some inventive and refractive guitar playing and textures (à la U2's the Edge, but with a youthful grind) that immediately places the band a step above others in the fledgling landscape of Canadian commercial rock. This album is a testament to their likely destination to the realm of popularity, so be sure to catch their greatness in a smaller environment, where they will not only blow your ears apart but will go the next step by completely taking your head off. (Independent)