Someone Covered Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' in the Style of 'Mario 64'

'In Rainbow Roads' also uses 'Zelda' sounds

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 23, 2023

It's-a me, Radiohead! Last year, we heard YouTube user on4word cover a few Radiohead songs in the style of N64; since then, they have continued their noble work, and now have completed an entire Super Mario 64-themed cover of 2007's In Rainbows.

The album was created entirely using N64 sounds, mostly taken from Super Mario 64 — although "Faust Arp" uses Zelda's slightly more naturalistic palate. It's even possible to hear the plumber himself on opener "15 Step," when a little "whoo!" punctuates a crescendo.

It's truly remarkable work, with Radiohead's arrangements recreated remarkably faithfully. Listen below to the cleverly titled In Rainbow Roads.

In addition to the YouTube stream, In Rainbow Roads is available from Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download (which is very In Rainbows way to sell it!).

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