Some Girls All My Friends Are Going Death

Not to be confused with the atrocious Juliana Hatfield-led trio of the same name, these girls feature an underground super-group-style line-up of sorts, which includes members of the Locust, Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare and Unbroken. Impressive, to say the least. Collecting two previous seven-inches (The Rains and The Blues) with demo and new material, the influences of its members are easily apparent: the spastic, hyper-cut and paste frenzy (Locust), the relentless up-tempo body blows of (Ghost/Nightmare) and the metallic hardcore pummelling (Unbroken). There’s also a noticeable influence of recklessly careening’80s-style hardcore punk throughout, grind runs and a brevity to each song (mainly under a minute) that both helps and harms Some Girls: it’s hard to distinguish songs, but the ADD-riddled can’t get distracted. It’s also loose, sloppy, abrasive and refreshing in its execution and presentation. Of course, the numerous pauses before the bonus song could be dropped (aren’t we done with that waste of time yet?), but while Some Girls maybe advised to seek a new name, their songs should remain the same. (Deathwish Inc.)