Sombre Nostalgie Batailles de la Redemption

Riding a nice wave somewhere between raw black metal and eerie death metal, Quebec's Sombre Nostalgie show potential by the bucketload on this independently released full-length. Like a lot of their homeland brethren, the band plays fast as hell, adding in technical blips and quips, drumsticks ablaze and riffs flying out of every orifice. The lyrics are all in their native tongue, which is a refreshing bonus. Although the demo-quality production bogs things down a little bit, this is an enjoyable look at a young band who could grow up to be one of the biggies. One thing though: that double-bass drum run in "Hommage aux Noirs" is so fucking ludicrous sounding; it's triggered to hell and back so it sounds kind of like my fingers on my keyboard right now, and it's just too fast to be believed (literally). (Independent)