Soma Sonic Future

For Soma Sonic, the Future is dark but it feels more like Twin Peaks than Tricky. With sombre string arrangements and ethereal vocals from Katalin Kiss and Amanda Weiss, the mood is eerie, suspenseful but also beautifully introspective. Generally, Soma Sonic's tempo is slightly above, if not slightly below, your average hip-hop loop, but they have an interesting way of creeping in bits of jungle in between the rhythms to give the groove more excitement than you might usually expect for this genre. The production also has a good balance between the organic and the electronic, the rhythmic and the melodic. At times, the cinematic-film-noir vibe gets too heavy, but they flip the script and paint the beats with lighter colours, such as on "In The Blink of An Eye" and "Blue Skies." Unsurprisingly, these are also the best cuts on the album. (Independent)