Soledad Brothers Steal Your Soul And Dare Your Spirit To Move

Part of the blues punk movement, Toledo’s Soledad Brothers go heavy on the blues and light on the punk with their genre-specific, bass-less sound. Organ, sax, drums, guitar and harmonica are all used in perfect economy to fill out the laidback but very tasty grooves laid down by the Brothers. Where the White Stripes made a concerted effort to leave the blues behind on their current album, the Soledads are here to pick up the slack. "Break ’Em On Down" sounds more like John Lee Hooker than any bunch of young white boys should, and the catchy Glimmer Twins appeal of "Prodical Stones Blues" should be a number one hit. Recorded by major players Jim Diamond and Jack White, the sound of Steal Your Soul… is warm, rich and as clear as a bell, while maintaining a vintage charm. Also great is the bouncy guitar and sax throw down ".32 Blues," which sends shout-outs to "all the kids in (Detroit’s) Cass Corridor," the singer’s cat and "all ya’ll who bought the record!" A very satisfying listen. (Estrus)