Soilwork A Predator's Portrait

Soilwork stands out from the dismal second wave Gothenburg sound bands on this, their third album in barely three years and, might I add, just as many record labels. Their last album bored the life out of me, really being one of the nails in the coffin of my enjoyment of all things Swedish. However, while most of the competition sort of loiters, flounders and fails, Soilwork somehow put a big slice of life back into things with this album. On paper it sounds like all the rest: melodic death/thrash with a healthy mix of scratchy and sung vocals, great production and cool guitar licks and solos. I guess it is like all the rest but, after listening to it, you just can't really complain about it because it's done so well. I'd love to see this sound get pushed in a new direction and maybe Soilwork is the band to do it. For now, put it on and turn it up, because it rocks. (Nuclear Blast)