Soilwork Natural Born Chaos

Forget everything you felt about Soilwork up to now, as Natural Born Chaos has found the band discovering their voice. Soilwork has developed the familiar Gothenburg thrash found on their previous three albums with an amazing sense of melody and an astounding ability to write catchy and memorable songs. Some of the choruses remind one of classic '80s metal, in the dark melodies and fist-pumping vibe, but this is no trip down memory lane. Soilwork's songs are razor-sharp melodic thrash, fast and aggressive, borrowing elements of death metal when needed. Soilwork takes the best elements of the Gothenburg scene and adds personality and feel to them, making them the sudden upset victors, leaving In Flames and Night In Gales wondering what the hell hit them. Still not convinced? Check out "The Bringer" or "Follow the Hollow" and you'll understand what a catchy metal song really is. This is easily the best album to come out so far this year. (Nuclear Blast)