Soft Pack Sign To Kemado

Soft Pack Sign To Kemado
The hotly tipped and heavily courted Soft Pack have inked a deal with Kemado Records, the home of such artists as Dungen, O'Death and VietNam.

The San Diegan rock act previously known as the Muslims started a bit of a bidding war after their CMJ appearance last year, causing them to become the latest in a long line of NME-touted buzz bands and eventually signing with Kemado.

"We just like those guys a lot and felt like we had the same view of things, the same perspective," guitarist Matty McLoughlin told Billboard, who broke the news.

The very Strokes-like Soft Pack will reportedly get to work on their debut album while on breaks from touring this spring, ideally with a full-length release due out before the end of 2009. "Right now, we're writing new songs and demos," McLoughlin said. "We've been writing and working pretty hard when we haven't been touring. And it's an incentive to get more work done."

The band also reportedly will have several seven-inch singles on deck for Kemado, as well as well some dates planned with the Raveonettes and the Black Lips. The specifics on those live appearances have yet to be announced though.

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