Social Revolver Drive On

Taking the punk’n’roll sound of bands like the Hellacopters and pushing it a little closer to the pummelling hardcore of Converge, Montreal’s Social Revolver are a heavy-riffing band for the breakdown-lovin’ set. With a healthy dose of Lemmy and Guns N’ Roses alongside their obvious affinity for Every Time I Die, the band mix things up with heavy rock licks next to brutal thrash passages and some mosh-ready breakdowns that will have visions of kids spin-kicking in your head. There’s nothing startlingly original about Drive On!!, but it does what it does well and would likely make its influences proud. Opener "It’s Been So Long” leaps out of the gates with a ferocious riff that barrels away under the brutal scream of Geneviève Vadeboncoeur before slowing right down to a crawl for some vicious feedback and guitar squeals. This is fun, heavy rock’n’roll that’s well worth checking out. (Borealis)