Social Distortion Sex, Love and Rock‘n'Roll

It has been eight long years since Social Distortion last released an album of new material and a lot has changed in the punk world since then. Fortunately for long time fans of Mike Ness’s bourbon-soaked growl and flare for writing emotionally-charged country and blues-tinged gutter punk, the band has refused to change with the times. Sticking to what he does best and forsaking the trend to commercially-palatable mall-punk, Ness has churned out an angst-filled, heart-breaking collection of songs about life, love and loss. The latter being one of the most significant driving forces as this is the band’s first album since the death of founding guitarist Dennis Danell four years ago. Ness uses his music as therapy and the result is stunning and honest, making this one of the band’s best releases of their 20-plus year career. (Time Bomb)