Soccer Mommy Collection

Soccer Mommy Collection
For the past two years, Sophie Allison has been self-releasing soft-hued bedroom pop through an assortment of EPs and singles under the name Soccer Mommy. For Collection, Allison re-recorded some of her most precious material from those years with a full band, filling out her sound with brighter and bigger arrangements while maintaining her intimacy and homespun refinement.
The mini-album starts with "Allison," a new song that doubles as a self-reminder about past heartbreak and continues Soccer Mommy's measured approach of turning diary entries into warm and relatable lullabies about growing up and dealing with bittersweet experiences. Allison's delicate electric guitar is full and comforting, gently unfurling just enough to subtly lift her words of solitude and nostalgia to the forefront, with only a hint of shyness. Vocally, Allison is both sure and uncertain but has a profound ability to hide brilliant tufts of melody that flow nicely in time with her dreamy fretwork.
On the reworked "Death By Chocolate," the guitars and drums are bolder and more defined, adding a layer of forthrightness to the line, "You smell like cigarettes and how chocolate tastes / It makes me wanna die but I guess I can wait." The sense of poise here is liberating and refreshingly charming, especially for a young artist.
At 20 years old, Allison is only just getting started, and Collection is a tidy introduction to Soccer Mommy that points towards her vision of bringing her contemplative songwriting to a more potent and energizing level. (Fat Possum)