So I Had To Shoot Him Alpha Males & Popular Girls

As far as the latest waves of artsy hardcore go, So I Had To Shoot Him are doubtlessly earning a place ahead of most attempting to conjure a viable representation of punk nouveau. Simply put, this band could not be mistaken for anyone but themselves. Deliriously sung female vocals are coloured with random oddities previously stylised by Mike Patton and executed with the power and training of a demented choirgirl. Her range is impressive and the variety of styles used brings the vocals to the top of the mix. While this is easily the centrepiece, the music itself is just as creative. They draw influences from all over the map but cleverly combine these into a rugged and complex topography. Moments reminiscent of Daughters’ discordant hyper-mess, or AIDS Wolf without that dreadful dying monkey screeching over top, tend towards dance ready Red Light Sting riffs mixed with Pretty Girls Make Graves’ penchant for sugary pop. The hilarious liner pictures as well as the song names highlight their sense of humour, adding the substance that makes Alpha Males & Popular Girls a refreshing oasis in a landscape drained by deserts of pseudo political, melancholy mosh kids. (Crucial Blast)