Snoop Dogg & Craig Robinson "Take Yo Panties Off"

Snoop Dogg & Craig Robinson 'Take Yo Panties Off'
Sex jams can get pretty ridiculous as it is (see 90 percent of the R. Kelly back catalogue), but we're thinking that since Snoop Dogg's new "Take Yo Panties Off" collaboration with Craig Robinson (The Office) is for the actor's new film This Is the End, it's supposed to be played for laughs.

True enough, the track has Robinson pleading in a jokey, over-the-top croon for his lady to slip off her silkiest undergarments, while the d-o-double g (apparently taking a reprieve from his rastafied role as Snoop Lion) talking about giving someone the opportunity to licky-lick his big stick. Decide for yourself if the song is a parody or not by giving it a listen in the player down below.

The This Is the End soundtrack drops June 11 through RCA and features tracks from Cypress Hill, Backstreet Boys, KRS-One and Whitney Houston. The film opens in theatres the next day.