Snailhouse 'Sentimental Gentleman' Album Stream

Snailhouse 'Sentimental Gentleman' Album Stream
Montreal musician Mike Feuerstack has been recording music under the name Snailhouse since 1994, when he released the album Fine. One could argue that his music has only improved with age, as suggested by his latest album Sentimental Gentleman. The record is set for release later this month, but the whole album can be streamed right here, right now.

Speaking with Exclaim! earlier this year, Feuerstack explained that Sentimental Gentleman is unique from other recent Snailhouse albums in that it was recorded live off the floor with his bandmates. "I thought it would be fun to try and make the record in a pretty classic format, just to go all in in one room and just record," he said. "Obviously there were things added, we did some overdubs and had some friends contribute but mostly it's live in a room and it has that vibe, so it's very consistent from beginning to end in terms of one mood."

While it fits in well with the entire Snailhouse body of work, the resulting album is one of the best projects Feuerstack has ever attached his name to, with the full-band sound accenting his accomplished songwriting abilities exponentially.

Sentimental Gentleman will be released on May 24 via Forward Music/White Whale. The album will be available for streaming on until May 23 via the player below.

UPDATE: This stream is no longer available.