Smashing Pumpkins Give Update on 'Monuments to an Elegy'

Smashing Pumpkins Give Update on 'Monuments to an Elegy'
As previously reported, Smashing Pumpkins hit the studio back in March to record not one but two albums for new label home BMG, and an update from the band's Billy Corgan suggests that the band have now nearly wrapped their Monuments to an Elegy.

Corgan's blog post gives a few specifics behind the project, noting that the Pumpkins have sifted through a bunch of songs and agreed on a tentative tracklist. Drum tracking is apparently just around the corner, with Corgan next set to crank out lyrics and work on vocal arrangements.

He wrote:

Thrilled to report that we now have our album in total, as top songs are arranged and set for drum tracking. So over the next 3 days I'll be focusing on vocal arrangements, lyrics, and tweaking the overall aesthetics of the record as I hope it shall be. At least then I'll be able to share a different narrative for a spell, and get off this merry-go-round we've all been on.

According to Corgan, unless he whips up "another corker in the next month," Monuments to an Elegy will be a nine-song album. Though song titles have yet to be set in stone, titles they've been working on include "Beige Beige (World's on Fire)," "Tiberius," "Drum and Fife" and "Monuments."

You'll see the proposed tracklisting down below.

Monuments to an Elegy and a second album dubbed Day for Night are expected to land sometime in 2015.

The band have been in the studio with Howard Willing, with whom Corgan first worked with during the Adore sessions. As previously reported, that 1998 album is set to be reissued as a six-disc deluxe set sometime in the future.

Also, Corgan also has his experimental AEGEA album headed our way.

Monuments to an Elegy:

1. Being Beige (World's On Fire)

2. Anti-Hero

3. Tiberius

4. Run To Me

5. One And All

6. Drum And Fife

7. Dorian

8. Monuments

9. Anaise