Smashing Pumpkins "Drum + Fife" (video)

Smashing Pumpkins 'Drum + Fife' (video)
Professional shit-disturber Billy Corgan is putting aside his childish headline-grabbing antics for the time being, and has unveiled a new set of Smashing Pumpkins visuals for "Drum + Fife."
The track appeared on last year's Monuments to an Elegy, and the video grapples with some serious subject matter. Directed by Ahlander + Antiga, the clip features a group of youngsters engaging in a light-hearted game of war. Things take a dark turn, however, when the play-fighting is brought to an end by actual violence.
In a press release about the new clip, Corgan said: "I asked, albeit in an allegorical way, for the video to represent what our returning soldiers are going through with PTSD, and I feel that the directors captured that with poignancy. I couldn't be more proud of the message we're sending that we care what happens to those that are out there hurting."
Monuments to an Elegy is out now, and you can watch the video for "Drum + Fife" below.