Smash Mouth Want to Know Why "All Star" Isn't on the 'Rolling Stone' 500 Greatest Songs List

The band took to Twitter to demand answers

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 21, 2021

Rolling Stone recently updated their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list, igniting another round of pointless Twitter discourse and a whole lot of finger waving and fist-shaking. 

However, there is one serious issue with the list that warrants immediate outrage, and Smash Mouth have been brave enough to speak it aloud — where is "All Star"? 

"Is ALL STAR not on this list?????????????????????? Are we missing something???????????????????????," tweeted the band, asking what everyone's definitely been thinking in response to Rolling Stone's updated list.

Smash Mouth then took things a step further by reaching out to Rolling Stone staffers and asking them directly how such an oversight could occur in the year 2021. While it's not necessarily encouraged to mention journalists on Twitter and demand explanations for perceived slights and lack of coverage, this situation appears to warrant special consideration. 

"All Star" was, of course, the first single from Smash Mouth's second record, 1999's Astro Lounge. It appeared in the generation-defining Shrek (duh) and has found new life within the hellfire that is the internet age — it was one of the most-streamed rock songs in the U.S. from 2017 to 2020. 

Hopefully Rolling Stone will rectify the situation. Fingers crossed everyone. 

Check out Smash Mouth's original tweet below.

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