TikTok Users Are Spamming a Texas Anti-Abortion Site with 'Shrek' Memes

The anti-anti-abortion crusaders are flooding the site with porn, memes, and whatever else in protest of the state's new anti-abortion law

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 2, 2021

Shrek continues to be a force for good in the world.

Texas rolled out some truly scary new legislation on Wednesday, effectively banning abortion and encouraging people to report those who seek out the procedure. It's a pretty dire situation for people requiring access to safe abortions in the state, but some passionate internet users have taken matters into their own hands. 

A website set up by anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life — intended as an anonymous place to report those seeking abortions — has now been spammed with Shrek memes and, yes, porn. Along with the ogre content is a wide variety of pornography, memes and general internet detritus. 

The tactic spread across TikTok, Twitter and Reddit, with anti-anti-abortion crusaders encouraged to flood the site — which allows users to upload media files without screening — with whatever they desire. 

And so, rather than collecting information on people trying to access healthcare, whoever's running the site is now becoming intimately familiar with Shrek and his gorgeous ogre body. A better use of their time anyway! 

Peruse the threads and videos at your own risk, but hooray for the internet! For once! 

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