Small Black Small Black

When chillwave became the sound du jour last summer, Small Black were among the groups suddenly elevated to buzz band status by virtue of their gauzy electro atmospherics and DIY recording style. The Long Island duo are now aiming to outlast the trend, reissuing their home-recorded debut EP via Jagjaguwar and adding two new bonus tracks. While Small Back's pillow-y synths and brittle beats are typical chillwave fare, their fondness for jarring noise pop distinguishes them from other members of their scene. There's a distinct shoegaze undercurrent to the EP, with songs like "Despicable Dogs" and "Bad Lover" featuring swells of distortion that are so heavily processed it's difficult to tell whether they're synths or guitars. It's the new tracks that most set Small Black apart from their peers. The garage-y "King of Animals" could sound like the Strokes if only it were played 20 BPMs faster, while "Baby Bird Pt. 2" is a wash of fuzz worthy of My Bloody Valentine. If they can keep producing material of this quality, don't be surprised if Small Black manage to outlast the recent slew of trend-hopping chillwavers. (Jagjaguwar)