Small Black "Real People (video)

Small Black 'Real People (video)
There's only one week to go until Small Black release their Real People EP through Jagjaguwar, and they've now shared a music video for the Frankie Rose-featuring title cut.

"Real People" is a synth-dappled pop cut that is dreamy despite its upbeat, danceable tempo. The accompanying video is filled with cinematic slow motion shots and carries an undercurrent of sci-fi mystery.

It was directed by Nick Bentgen. He offered the following statement about the clip:

I love talking about movies with Josh [Kolenik]. He's a huge cinephile, and we recently got to talking about sci-fi films — the big ones from the '70s and '80s. All the guys in Small Black are freaks for anything sci-fi, especially Ryan [Heyner] and Juan [Pieczanski], and their conspiracy theories are incredible.

Josh sent me "Real People", and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The song had this mysterious, unfathomable quality. I wanted to put those feelings in the context of a sci-fi movie — the kind that doesn't exist anymore — where every scene is throwing a heightened emotion at you. Small Black made such an immense track that I had to visually keep up. So I had to work with aliens.