Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide Mixtape

 <i>Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide</i> Mixtape
Despite the brutal Polaris snub, CFCF (aka Michael Silver) is still keeping it business as usual, meaning he hasn't stopped churning out some country's finest forward-thinking electro slow jams - even if he apparently hasn't made an album worthy of being considered the "best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label." And so today Silver has dropped his new awesomely dubbed mixtape Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide.

As the press release states, "The nearly 40 minute mix ... features department store-ready jams, sufficiently chopped and screwed. Synth stabs are funkier, snare drums are splashier, saxes are sexier and crooners are sultrier. The end product could very well be the lovechild of Freddie Jackson and the Knife."

So if you're looking for a killer mix to accompany your next trip for tube socks, download CFCF's latest gem here.