Slow Jets Good Morning, Stars

After only about 30 seconds into the album's opener, "Instant Loser," it is obvious that Slow Jets are something special. Filled with indie-rock hooks left and right, listening to Good Morning, Stars is like hearing a super-group with members of the Strokes, Pavement, the Shins and GBV all rolled into one. Quite a boast, but this is definitely a rock solid and catchy second release from the Baltimore's quintet. Admittedly, there isn't exactly a lot of new ground broken here, but as a tribute to indie-pop and rock's finest, they certainly have done a fine job. Their ability to deliver different styles with flair is a testament to their songwriting skill. At times, singer-guitarist Greg Preston howls through vocal distortion, getting the adrenaline pumping. Then he takes it back down with more '60s pop melodies. The album has a great warm sound, thanks to its "mid-fi" recording process on eight-track tape with Tim Baier. Even vintage keyboards weave their way into the mix on a couple tracks, rounding out the sound nicely. Interestingly, Slow Jets are signed to the label wing of peer-to-peer file-swapping service Morphius, so hopefully their future won't be put in jeopardy by any legal action against their supporter. (Morphius)