Sloan Twitter Rarities, Head Out on Tour

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 3, 2009

Since signing up for Twitter at the end of February, Canadian rock institution Sloan have been active with their Tweets, but lacking in followers. So, to insure that their fans suck it up and click the "Follow" button, they resorted to good old-fashioned bribery last week, promising to post rarities when they reached 1,000 followers.

Well, they did reach that magic number, and on Monday (June 1) kept their end of the deal by posting the Pretty Together B-side "Pentland Productionized" at this link, as well as promising more in the future. If you want to stay in the loop, you better point your Tweeters this way.

In the real, tangible world, Sloan will be playing a number of Canadian festival dates this summer, including stops in Burlington, Mississauga, Bala, Halifax, Calgary and Brandon. Go to these and then Tweet about it.

Sloan tour dates:

6/20 Burlington, ON - Waterfront (Sound Of Music Festival)
7/1 Mississauga, ON - Mississauga Town Centre
7/11 Bala, ON - The Kee To Bala
8/2 Halifax, NS - Citadel Hill (Halifax Rock Fest)
8/7 Calgary, AB - Lakes Of KastynStone (Drenched Festival)
8/8 Brandon, MB - Curran Park Campground (X-Fest)

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