Slim Twig Announces First of Two New Albums

Slim Twig Announces First of Two New Albums
Since stylistic explorer Slim Twig dropped his record Contempt! in 2009, he has released singles, mixtapes and a split twelve-inch. Now, he's returned to the traditional album format for two full-lengths to be released this year. The first of these is called Sof' Sike, and it will be out on August 21 through Paper Bag Records.

According to a press release, the album differs from Slim Twig's past work by "[replacing] analog drum machines and scratched record samples with the psychedelic rumblings of live instrumentation: pianos, organs, guitar, bass, drums." This means that he's apparently exploring a relatively straightforward approach to music making with sonic touchstones including the Rolling Stones, R. Stevie Moore, the Who and Sparks.

Get a taste of the album by watching the video for "Priscilla" at the bottom of the page. The song is also available as a free download from the player below the tracklist.

After Sof' Sike drops, expect Slim to set his sights on his next LP, plus a twelve-inch split for Clan Destine Records with Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans, and U.S. Girls. Slim Twig also produced the forthcoming U.S. Girls record.

Sof' Sike:

1. The Shortest Path to Hell
2. Still the Same
3. LaBeija Pen'Davis
4. Gun Shy
5. Madeline Has a Body
6. Marzipan Sands
7. The Golden Rule
8. Priscilla
9. I'll Always Be a Child
10. Vile City
11. Altered Ego
12. Bold Is the White Ship
13. Love You as I Lay