BY Laura SciarpellettiPublished Feb 10, 2016

As Sleepwreck, Vancouver musician Jesse Davis Selkirk has given himself permission to intertwine organic elements of music with the limitlessness of the electronic genre. As such, Selkirk's four-track EP Disasterpiece explores a wide range of sounds and subgenres.
"Moment of Truth," featuring Kermode, is upbeat and feels almost celebratory, while "Makes the Sugar Sweeter" is so laid back it could almost be deemed electronic easy listening. Selkirk's transitions form a sort of natural progression, from percussive breaks to pick-ups of synth melodies and then back again. He tries to up the ante with the more intense "Take It Apart," featuring metallic, robotic-sounding melodic elements and intense lyrics, and while the effort doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the EP, it demonstrates his appreciation of a wide range of genres and bodes well for future experiments. Selkirk wraps up with Disasterpiece's title track, a formidable piece driven by guitar riffs that give into well-constructed and beat-heavy drops.
Selkirk succeeds in bringing out the organic side of electronic music best with "Disasterpiece" — out of all four tracks on the EP, it's the most vivid, with transformer-like glitch sounds scattered amidst its back vocals and rock beats. Here's hoping he finds ways of merging those elements even more fully on future releases.

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