Sleepless Nights "Run To You"

Sleepless Nights 'Run To You'
Bryan Adams was famously lampooned as a national embarrassment in the South Park movie. But for some indescribable reason he continues to hold a special place in the heart of many Canadian musicians and music fans.

Case in point, Halifax's Sleepless Nights recorded a quartet of B-Ad covers that they've made available through the band's blog.

Buoyed by a chance invite to one of Adams' concert a few years back, main man A. A. Wallace recruited some friends -€“ including Matt Pacman from Sharp Like Knives and an unnamed member of Contrived - with a similar closeted love of the Vancouver rocker. The hushed, lo-fi result is a series of covers that destroy every preconception you've ever had about Adams music and reveal that, underneath all of that production sheen, the man can write some great tunes.

Listen to Sleepless Nights' cover of Bryan Adams' "Run To You" here.