Sleaford Mods Take on "Big Pharma" with New EP 'More UK Grim'

Watch an animated video for the duo's new single

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 20, 2023

On a day where the United Kingdom moved to water down its climate policy, Sleaford Mods have returned to show listeners that things are as UK Grim as ever with a new EP.

The duo of vocalist Jason Williamson and producer Andrew Fearn will share the six-song More UK Grim on October 20 via Rough Trade Records.

Arriving ahead of a fall tour of Europe and the UK, More UK Grim was created concurrently with the Mods' aforementioned LP, and works to "critique and celebrate our turbulent times" with the duo's trademark "mix of insight and wit, outrage and compassion."

"Big Pharma" is the first of these tracks to arrive, complete with an animated video directed by Sean Sears, which you can view below. In the visual, a round, pink protagonist grapples with the health consequences of a "wellness" routine centred around drinking urine.

Williamson shares of the song's inspiration in a release, "The term 'Big Pharma' has been uprooted from its original place, one that rightly threw critique at the pharmaceutical industry as it produced more and more products that would ruin lives on a mass scale. Instead now, Big Pharma is more familiar as a term used by right wing and industrial groups trying to mask the financial aims of their arguments with some kind of critical thinking panache-type legitimacy. It just feels wrong. It feeds on hopelessness, widespread fear and generations of unfettered misinformation linked to the limited critical perception we as the masses are burdened with."

The vocalist adds, "There has to be lots of personal responsibility held to account too. Recently Big Pharma has been adopted by the anti-trans movement, so you can see that high-performance bigotry and personal financial interest are never too far away. Much like the next version of the latest smartphone, the features are largely the same."

Sleaford Mods released UK Grim earlier this year, following their 2021 album Spare Ribs. The new LP saw them collaborate with Dry Cleaning's Florence Shaw, and Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction.

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More UK Grim:

1. Under the Rules
2. Old Nottz
3. Big Pharma
4. PO Crazeh
5. My 18hr Girdie
6. Old Nottz (Alt mix)

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