The Slackers Live at Ernesto's!

There is simply no denying that the Slackers are the top touring ska band on the planet; Live at Ernesto's! is all the proof anyone needs. This is hands down one of the most solid and entertaining live albums released for years. The band's performance - heard here from Sittard, Holland, recorded over two nights - is as exciting, pleasing and as true to the Jamaican roots of the music as any of their three albums. Using songs from all three, including "Sooner or Later," "Do You Know," "Soldier" and "Face In My Crowd," as well as a cover of Nat Adderly's "Work Song," the dark, smoky, sultry atmosphere they evoke is pure sublime sweetness. Every song is so jaw-dropping, fever-inducing, irresistibly danceable they beggar description. There are mind-blowing solos, extended boogaloo jams and enough crowd interaction (as well as stage accolades in Dutch - very funny!) to either give you an accurate idea of what the band is like live, or, if you've already seen them, to bring back happy memories. The Slackers are drunken nights at your neighbour's; they're sipping cold drinks on hot afternoons, watching beautiful women walk by; they're everything that is right and good and fun in this world and nothing less. (Hellcat)