Sky Ferreira Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying in New Blog Post

BY Josiah HughesPublished Mar 5, 2014

Rising pop artist Sky Ferreira has run into some speed bumps as of late, including a nasty fall onstage opening for Miley Cyrus that resulted in 60 stitches. The most palpable pain she's experienced, however, is not physical but virtual, as she's just opened up about cyberbullying.

Like many artists before her (and sadly, more women than men), Sky Ferreira has been the victim of nasty online harassment. The cruel comments span from those telling her how she should look as a pop star to extremely offensive slurs.

Here's her full statement, as taken from her Facebook page:

I'm exhausted of (more than some) people telling me how I should look or be if I want to be a "pop star" & how they think it's okay to say vile & (sexually) abusive shit to me on a daily basis over the internet. I'm not only writing about myself...because almost every person has to deal with this. It's a shame because I now feel like I can't connect or directly speak with true fans. I'm not a mess,I'm not a drug addict, I'm not a slut or a bitch. I recently blocked someone because they were constantly harassing me & making fun of sexual abuse that happened in my past...Which I've publicly spoken about to hopefully help others. They came to one of my shows & my friend confronted the person.We were accused of being homophobic after. Which is absolutely insane because my friends,my family & a majority of my fans are homosexual. Sexuality,gender,race,& age are irrelevant to me. As it should be for everyone by now. Treating people like shit because you feel like shit doesn't help anyone. If you see hateful/disgusting/abusive comments,please start reporting it or deleting it. I think that's the only way we can start to lower that sort of thing from happening. Use the internet as a way to connect with others & LEARN. Show & spread compassion. <33333

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The internet was also cause for a recent leak of Ferreira's lost single "Rancid Girl," though she tweeted her support of the unofficial release. Check out "Rancid Girl" below.

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