Sky Ferreira "Sad Dream" (video)

Sky Ferreira 'Sad Dream' (video)
According to the chorus of U.S. singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira's new single "Sad Dream," off her recently released Ghost EP, she only wraps her arms around her beau in the land of nod. When her eyes are open, however, things are a little tense between her and her dude, as evidenced in the low-key backwoods ballad's video clip.

There are some teary moments spent in a hotel room and a forced tag-team hooch pinch at a convenience store, before the guy promptly ejects her from his pick-up at a deserted gas station.

On the plus side, they seemed to be bonding quite well over a gun-shooting tutorial in an open field. Plus, you have to remember that they get along famously in Ferreira's sad, sad dreams.

Watch the video below.