Skip the Foreplay Announce Epitaph Debut

Skip the Foreplay Announce Epitaph Debut
Iconic California punk imprint Epitaph Records added some Canadian content to its roster when it was revealed late last year that the label had signed Montreal's dubstep-inspired metal unit Skip the Foreplay, and the act have now announced their first Epitaph full-length, Nightlife.

A press release explains that the LP will arrive on May 1 and deliver "high-energy mayhem." Touted by Epitaph as "a unique and exhilarating new genre of music," the new album laces the "heaviness of metal, earth-shaking hardcore breakdowns and the massive irresistible beats of electronic dance music."

In a statement, the band explained, "We play party music. It's a mix of hard metal and dance music, not really hardcore, it's more like party core."

The previously heard cover of LMFAO "Champagne Showers" caps off the collection and is joined by smart-alecky cuts like "Dinner with Snooki," "Dom Perignon" and "Hangover." The group, meanwhile, seemingly play it a bit more serious on "Date Rape Predator."

You can check out the tracklisting and the troupe's video for Nightlife number "This City (We're Taking Over)" down below.

The group will apparently attempt to take over a number of cities on this year's Warped Tour, though considering how many acts play the travelling punk show, the troupe have their work cut out for them.


1. ST4P
2. DJ
3. DTK
4. Hawaiian Killer
5. Dom Perignon
6. Dinner With Snooki
7. Shots
8. Date Rape Predator
9. Destination Nowhere
10. This City (We're Taking Over)
11. Hangover
12. Mash It Up
13. Champagne Showers