"Unending, Everliving" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 26, 2014

Ohio metal lifers Skeletonwitch's work themselves pretty damn hard with their seemingly never-ending tour-record-tour cycle, and it looks as if the sticktoitiveness of it all is really starting to wear the band down. Just take a peep at the new video for their Serpents Unleashed's "Unending, Everliving," which presents the prolific bangers bleeding for their craft.

Things get gory pretty quick, with performance footage of the band finding themselves covered in blood after doling out damned speedy drum hits and beastly riffs. There's an even more unsettling narrative apart from the Skeletonwitch action, which finds an unholy priest and his crony driving nails into a captive before stringing him up on an upside-down cross.

You'll find the bloody, ritualistic sacrifice down below.

A new, silk-screened 7-inch featuring "Unending, Everliving" can be ordered now through the Prosthetic Records webstore.

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