Sizzla Life

Lyrical controversy and gang warfare aside, Sizzla somehow continues to be as spiritual and encouraging as ever on Life. Casting off his more condemning and critical lyrics for more uplifting journeys into life, love and praise, Life is a far more gentle album that leans towards an organic sound with a focus on his singing like in the tracks "Haven’t I Told You” and "Ain’t That Nice.” While only turning to a more digital dancehall vibe accented with his raspy vocals on tracks like "Greater One” and "When Nature Calls.” Life is Sizzla’s fifth full-length album this year and could be called the best right now if there wasn’t so much time left in 2005 and so much material being produced by one of the most prolific artists in dancehall/reggae today. By leaving the controversy to his private life, Sizzla has not abandoned his devout Rastafarian beliefs or his militant Bobo Ashanti lifestyle, but instead, Life represents the core of his beliefs of love, justice, equality and spirituality. (Greensleeves)