Sixer Beautiful Trash

Formed from the ashes of Ann Beretta, these Richmond, VA, punk prodigies could very well be the next cookie cutter from which other bands form and stamp themselves. Beautiful Trash, the band's sophomore effort, is infectious from start to finish, with magnificent sing-along songs and boot-pounding rhythms. Imagine truck-driving music for punks, or if Hank Williams the III was a skinhead playing street punk, and a somewhat accurate picture of Sixer begins to form. We're talking pulsating country-fried street punk with the rock and punk sensibilities of the Clash and Social Distortion. And even though the band's name may not be dripping from everyone's slack-jawed mouths yet, give it some time and their greatness will be recognised for what it is. Definitely an album and a band that won't fail to disappoint even the most sceptical punk rock fan. (BYO)