Six Reasons To Kill Another Horizon

Hailing from Koblenz, Germany, Six Reasons To Kill’s third release, Another Horizon, is a wonderfully heavy album that explores the sounds of a band that can thrash and growl with death metal’s finest but also conjure up pleasing melodies and vocals. Immediately "Observer” comes out with thrash-y riffs, double bass and guttural vocals, but when the chorus enters, lead singer Thorsten Polomski switches to a clean lyrical projection while guitarists Loc Tran and Marco Andree follow suit by adding high-end harmonies, overlaying the sound with beauty, which is something that can also be found within "On This Battlefield.” After listening to Another Horizon, it’s clear that death metal is what Six Reasons To Kill do best, giving you ten reasons to mosh and thrash with "Massgrave Memorial,” a track encompassing angular riffing, low-end, scathing vocals and pit-churning breakdowns that stunt any tempo just to bring it all back to life like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. With only a few distractions from this band’s true musical calling, it’s pretty easy to see why Six Reasons To Kill have been doing this for eight years and have, this time around, created a brutish abomination of death metal. (Tribunal)