Six of Swords "Separation at the Seams"

Six of Swords 'Separation at the Seams'
Toronto death metal force Six of Swords have revealed they'll soon be pulling us into a Polar Vortex via an upcoming EP of the same name. They're ready to rip you apart right now, though, with an early preview called "Separation at the Seams."

Sinister hammer-ons and cymbal smashes start things off, with the rest of the band soon jumping in with a dizzying flurry of incendiary blasts and slashed-throat gurglings. The tune ebbs and flows between Mach 5.0 terror thrash and ribcage-crushing mosh, revealing the band's love for prime-era Cannibal Corpse as much as for the sludgier side of the metal spectrum.

Polar Vortex is expected to be delivered digitally later this month via Sorrow Carrier Records, with a vinyl release planned for later in the spring.