Siskiyou "Violent Motion Pictures" (video)

Siskiyou 'Violent Motion Pictures' (video)
Folk-expanders Siskiyou have their new Nervous LP landing next month through Constellation Records, but don't let the album title fool you. The latest preview from the platter is a calmed cut called "Violent Motion Pictures," and it's fit with tranquil aquatic imagery in a new video.

Directed by Crystal Dorval (a.k.a. White Poppy), the video is full of neon-hued, negative image footage of boaters and deep sea divers, the latter making an impressive and awe-inducing underwater tour past schools of fish.

The track, meanwhile, has Colin Huebert's sea foam shushes supported by the rest of the band, as well as the Weather Station's Tamara Lederman and horn players JP Carter and Colin Stetson. Despite this, shaking things up a bit mid-track is what seems to be the sounds of a chaotic missile launch.

You'll find the audio-visual experiment down below, while Nervous makes its way into stores January 20.