Siskiyou "Thief"

Siskiyou 'Thief'
Siskiyou's fantastic third LP, Nervous, features some of the band's leanest, though most experimental offerings. Apparently there was more where that came from, as the group have just unveiled a previously unreleased extra from the sessions called "Thief." Better yet, they're offering it up as a freebie download.

The track plays extra fragile, with Colin Huebert's heartbreakingly shaky singing voice tapping into a somewhat money-minded narrative as he quivers lines like "employers, employ me" and "destroyers, destroy me." While the song starts off as a subtly plucked folk number, the moody moan of Colin Stetson's sax ushers itself in mid-way through the track. Later, it goes full brass for a French Quarter-styled outro.

"Thief" also features guest vocals from the Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman. There's no need to pull an illicit audio heist to nab the track — you can stream it or download it down below, courtesy of NOW.