Sirus On The Edge of A Dream

Sirus's debut album is a soulful collection of nine tracks, spirited not just in the production but also in the performance. The Toronto-based producer (aka Marcus Turcotte) plays guitar and sings on a few of the tracks. The beats aren't always the hardest nor the most inventive, but its Turcotte's acoustic touch that makes these tracks enjoyable in their own uniquely organic and often chilled-out way. "De Ja Vu" sweeps the listener with a dreamy vocal sample chorusing the title, while "Jai's Groove" pumps on with a fierce and funky guitar solo. In a different swing, "An Eye For An Eye" rides an insistent groove with sound bites from Malcolm X and chants in the mix. The African sensibility comes out even stronger on "Shaman," with its off-beat, hand-drum percussion. The title track and "Trapped" feature some interesting effects with layering, but it's the melodic lines on "Big Ben" and "Thunder" that really show Turcotte in his prime form. (NRK)