Sirenia At Sixes and Sevens

Founded by a former core member of Tristania, and writing songs that combine choral arrangements, electronics and metal, Sirenia has little chance of escaping the obvious comparisons. Even their name points to Tristania. But despite the blatant similarities, Sirenia's debut is strong enough to stand on its own. At times more like earlier Theatre of Tragedy, Sirenia balances their classical influences with a heavy dose of goth metal, throwing in a taste of black metal as well. Some of the most memorable songs from At Sixes and Sevens downplay the band's symphonic pretensions and focuses on more of a rock and roll sound. Strangely enough, "In A Manica" (one of my favourites on the CD) includes a flute/pipe melody that's eerily reminiscent of the theme from The X-Files. For the most part, Sirenia doesn't try much that's new, but right from the opening bars, At Sixes and Sevens sucks you in and keeps you hanging on for the whole ride. (Napalm)