Sinkane Dépaysé

Sinkane Dépaysé
Sinkane's seventh studio album finds the band speaking to the current political climate, both in their homeland of Sudan and the United States, where bandleader Ahmed Gallab presently resides.
Dépaysé speaks to Sudan's regime change, self-determination and identity — and does so in a fierce, urgent manner. Gallab's vocalization, while earnest and suited for the brand of Afro-pop Sinkane are known for, lacks the musicality and polish that could take the project over the top.
It's too bad, as there's a lot to unpack here: "On Being" is reflective, sussing out realness in an era of blatant "fake news"; a number like "Mango" drifts along with an African-Caribbean skank; and "Stranger" aims to reach common ground in a world out of sorts. The pop flavour of "Ya Sudan" trots along with a pleasant, yet average, number about his Sudanese heritage, life goals and musical mission while abroad.
Dépaysé is for fans of Sinkane; new listeners might stop for a minute to appreciate the vibe before moving on. (City Slang)