Sinéad O'Connor to Discuss Mental Illness on 'Dr. Phil'

Sinéad O'Connor to Discuss Mental Illness on 'Dr. Phil'
Following a long and very public battle with mental illness, Sinéad O'Connor is set to discuss the topic on Dr. Phil.

As a press release reveals, the TV show's Dr. Phil McGraw and the troubled star will discuss mental illness, as well as the sigma surrounding it, on a new episode next week.

In a preview for the episode, which will air next Tuesday (September 12), O'Connor says, "I am fed up of being defined as the crazy person."

Dr. Phil also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (September 6), explaining that O'Connor had reached out to him and explained, "I'm in trouble. I want to destigmatize mental illness. I clearly have a problem. Too many musicians are dying and I want to use my life to be a teaching tool."

You can watch the preview for Dr. Phil, as well as the Kimmel appearance, down below.

Last month, O'Connor shared a Facebook video detailing her struggle with mental illness and claiming that she's "fighting to stay alive every day."