Sinéad O'Connor Reportedly Found and Hospitalized

Sinéad O'Connor Reportedly Found and Hospitalized
Sinéad O'Connor has been reported missing in Chicago, where local police are currently on the lookout for the Irish singer-songwriter after she did not return for a bike ride on Sunday (May 15) morning.

A spokesperson for the Wilmette police department explained that O'Connor went on a bike ride yesterday morning in the Chicago suburb around 6 a.m. local time, but has not yet returned. Police were notified by an unnamed caller who "expressed concern for her well-being," but no other information is available at the moment. As such, the department is currently "seeking to check the well-being of Sinéad O'Connor."

According to TMZ, the musician was last seen riding a Raleigh-brand motorized bicycle with a pink basket wearing "a black parka, black leather pants and a sweatshirt with 'Ireland' on the back."

O'Connor made headlines earlier this month after making an online post suggesting Arsenio Hall had been providing the late Prince with drugs over the years. She was met with a defamation suit from the former talk show host, but she responded to this by calling his threats laughable.

In 2015, she posted an open suicide note through her Facebook page that explained that she had checked into an Irish hotel under an assumed name and had taken an over dose. She was found and later hospitalized.

UPDATE (03/16, 3 p.m.): According to WGN, O'Connor was found at a hotel in Chicago's northern suburbs. She has since been checked into a local hospital.