Simon Stokes Honky

Honky is the hallucinogenic country music soundtrack to a nervous breakdown in the desert. Simon Stokes is a former collaborator of Timothy Leary, and his musical career stretches back for decades, including a variety of soundtrack contributions, in addition to stints in bands such as the Nighthawks, the Black Whip Thrill Band and a host of other groups. Honky boasts some impressive guest players, including the likes of Wayne Kramer and the Bellrays' Lisa Kekaula, and Stokes's own voice ranges from a low, gritty growl to a full-blown raspy howl. Stokes writes songs that stretch from slow, off-kilter bluesy rockers to subdued country ballads, and the album offers lyrical underworld stories concerning varied topics such as outlaws, love and drugs. Tougher than rusted brass knuckles, Simon Stokes plays distorted country and blues with a well-worn sneer. (Upper Cut)