Silver Dapple 'English Girlfriend' (album stream)

Silver Dapple 'English Girlfriend' (album stream)
The members of Montreal's Silver Dapple are clearly major anglophiles. Not only is their forthcoming debut album called English Girlfriend, but they're clearly influenced by the UK's '90s-era shoegaze and Britpop. The LP doesn't officially arrive until November 25, but the outfit are now offering up the 11-song collection as a free stream here on

As you can hear from the stream below, English Girlfriend showcases Silver Dapple's fuzz-laden brand of pop music wonderfully, with thundering drums and jagged glass guitars aplenty. There's sharp edges here and there, but it's always balanced with just the right amount of sugar sweetness, making this one of those Canadian releases you'd be wise to pick up on before penning those 2011 best-of lists.

The album was recorded by Jean-Michel Coutu at Studio Napolitain de Montreal, with mastering by Just Carl Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

To pre-order a vinyl copy of English Girlfriend, which is being released on the band's own FORCHRISTSAKE imprint, go here. Silver Dapple will also launch the LP with a November 25 show at Montreal's Jackie and Judy Rococo Bar Spectacle and a December 2 gig at the Port in Toronto.

In the meantime, stream the album and get a taste of Silver Dapple's aggressively infectious approach to pop music. The stream will be live until November 28.

UPDATE: This stream is no longer available.