Silkken Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa ON, February 4

Silkken Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa ON, February 4
Photo: Ming Wu
Members of the Acorn did double duty during Megaphono (not including everything they were doing behind the scenes) as they reconvened on this Thursday night in the form of Silkken.
Playing the less clinical, more exuberant versions of themselves, Silkken's set was the first point during the entire festival that felt like an actual party. Not only did their dance punk reach a level of intensity that the band was able to easily sustain, but that intensity became contagious as the band encouraged people from the audience to come onstage and dance, triggering dancing throughout the rest of the crowd.
There was a kind of relaxed indulgence to it all, which was balanced out well by how tight the band was, and the concision of their catchiest tunes.