Silence the Foe Sweet Sweet Suicide

This EP starts out with several seconds of some gritty singing and fuzzed-out guitars on "Chaotic Mind” just before vocalist Anders Voldronning loses his shit and sets the tone for the rest of Sweet Sweet Suicide. This Norwegian hardcore sextet pummels out heavy as all hell rhythms with three guitars, drilling drums, and a driving bass. Claiming Refused and Fugazi as influences, Silence the Foe take each moment of their music over the edge. The aggression that comes through here is unstoppable and gives the sense that they aren’t a band who are just screwing around. "Penny for your Lies” in an unrelenting dissonance with pounding breakdowns, while "Playing with the Old Me” treads into calmer territory, though very briefly, before plunging into a psychotic episode of venomous growls. Sweet Sweet Suicide is gripped with disharmonies and grit that spill through big, rough noises. (Lujo)