Silence the Epilogue Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

The album begins with a blood-curdling scream and bursts immediately into a crushing metalcore mind bender. Initially it is extremely fast paced and melodious using a lot of the same thrash structures as German powerhouse Acme. As time wears on the music steadily loses speed, interspersing slower riffs between singings while incorporating a current German influence, Heaven Shall Burn. Silence the Epilogue does everyone a favour and strays from the existing metal fixation opting for a gritty string bending delirium instead of pop-laden harmonies. The vocals are a shredding mix of black metal influences and early nineties hardcore. They accent many parts with a distant voice that adds atmosphere as well as texture. They’re more remarkable than most, keeping one guitarist quite busy with minute details but in the end this album will end up in the looming pile of mediocrity for 2004. (Strike First)